January 29, 2023

Dog was Found Holding a bag along with her Dead Puppies within

Dog was Found Holding a bag along side her Dead Puppies among
Paul visited the dog and establish she was carrying her deceased puppies within the bag. The 3 years recent dog is known as Charly. The bag embody shockingly the remains of her puppies.

Paul Skinner reportable to country Borough Council however he recognized the dog on the road. They were trying to find the owner of Charly however they found none.


The dog defeated the fish and chips sack were she unbroken her dead puppies within. no one will perceive however somebody will be therefore empty humanity. this is often a flagitious crime. Paul hep the police, RSCPA and racer Sanctuary. They arrived to help the bereft mother.

The kennel Manager at Fen Bank racer Sanctuary, PCSO Mick nonflowering plant, assumes that the babies were born alive. but the while of abandoning the dog caused the tragic death of the puppies.


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