January 29, 2023

Gorgeous Footage shows Rare observance of catamount family crossing road in Manitoba (Video Inside)

Love their discussions. What you wrote up higher than regarding territorial dispute, that was what i used to be truly thinking. that’s too much!! thanks for sharing this once in an exceedingly period video. Count yourself lucky you were ready to see and video this for U.S.. i’d are whole excited to be there face to face simply taking in on what was happening.

Heard one thing like this within the woods in my grounds tonight and it freaked ME out. Haven’t detected it nonetheless this season. unsure if it absolutely was a fox, Fisher cat, or presumably a wildcat. I’m in Connecticut. Noise freaks ME out however it’s fascinating. it absolutely was undoubtedly 2 of them I detected. This sounds specifically just like the 2 neighborhood cats UN agency have each set my grounds is THEIRS and perpetually fight over it a three am till I yell “hey break it up” and that they scatter.

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