January 29, 2023

Havanese Groom Lump Discussion

Thank you for demonstrating the proper hold of a dog who is wiggling on the table.

Your calm energy influenced the dogs mood. Watching after the live as I always do… I just love watching you work.. it’s like watching a crafts-person.. someone that really knows their trade and tools…

like a dance.. you work with each dog depending on their needs… MFGHeart Always my FAVORITE groomer MFGHeart With the lumps and bumps I totally agree.. and would add if the dog is young and the lump/bump is movable, mushy just keep an eye on it..

any significant changes – get it checked.. and any annual check-ups get the vet to check it…
A fantastic video Dede, very honest and informative. Watching this morning from Melbourne Australia! Love your work ❤❤❤

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