January 29, 2023

How to groom a shih tzu very raveled

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Please Hit Subscribe! Help me help others. You can do this by Subcribing on your phone and televisions and sharing the video on your social media. I don’t even groom animals and yet I love watching these because I get to see someone do some amazing work.

These doggy parents neglect their furry babies but at least we have people like Dede to make them feel better and show them some love <3 This little shihtzu dang near broke my heart, the sweetest little doggo I’ve ever seen!

I love how sometimes when an owner asks for a particular style, you take one look at the poor condition of the dog and go “nope, screw your aesthetic, it’s all coming off” xD Obviously this wasn’t quite the case with this /particular/ video because you did manage to salvage the beard, but I just love your practical, no-bullshit attitude haha. Keep up the awesome work.

source : Tosa Bebe Pet

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