January 29, 2023

Ice cold and motionless, this little one needed urgent help–and got it!

10 months agoYou are very good people. When I first watched this channel, I took you as an example.

In this way, I help stray animals trying to live in difficult conditions in our country. I am very happy and peaceful because I took the right people as an example. 🙏🙏🙏

Bom dia 🌻 anjos 😇, os bichinhos lutam tanto pela vida e lindo e se tiver no caminho deles uma pessoa como vocês faz toda diferença para eles, Deus abençoe a cada um de uma forma toda especial ❤️😍🙏

chanceThe little fur fighter is so cute and adorable. Thank you all who were involved in giving this little precious angel an opportunity to live. Beautiful!!

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