January 29, 2023

Injured blind cat wants to live cat rescue component ii

You are a wonderful blessing to all pets!Thank you so much for everything you do to rescue these poor helpless babies.

This is so heart warming and it’s great to know their are real caring loving people living in this world.The world needs more people like you in it!! You are a true hero!!!!ADMIRABLE su humanidad, Hay qué agradecer a estas personas qué TIENEN COMPACION y salvan a tantos ANIMALITOS Abandonados.

GRACIAS A DIOS YAVEH POR TOCAR A GENTE DE BUEN CORAZON Y SALVAR A ESTOS ANIMALITOS QUE SOLO DEPENDEN DE NOSOTROS MIL GRACIAS. Thank you for rescuing this poor cat, that needed medical attention and love. God bless you for helping many helpless animals.

I also rescue kittens/ cats. I have 3 rescues myself. Last one was a baby that was left in the middle of the road. I kept him. He is 12 weeks old now. I feed all the cats from my job and neighborhood. Plus, I always have cat food in my car, just in case I come across any cats along the way home. I wish I can rescue all of them. Thank you for all you do 💕


source : How’s Paws

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