January 29, 2023

Simply a quick bath package with discern on chihuahua – texas – pray for one another

Thank you Dede for posting this video and another session.

I was feeling stressed and down today, but coming to this channel made me forget about my troubles for a little while. Seeing you pray for the dear man that was going through Kemo with the German Shepard the other day. Now seeing you pray for this gentleman just shows how life can come full circle.

You knew this gentleman before becoming a client from years ago, but God put you in this man’s life. You were the one meant to pray for both these men and I will pray for them as well.

I believe in the power of prayer it can give hope to the hopeless and it can give someone the strength to hang on just for another day. God bless your positive energy and your prayers even for those haters. They need prayer as well it’s the gift of positivity.


source : My Favorite Groomer

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