January 29, 2023

MEET “African Gold” a Young Pine Tree State Coon Gentleman Golden Eyes (Video Inside)

African Gold! What a good name for this unbelievably attractive angel. glorious photography as was common. You’re the master of the camera. Thanks for creating a good weekday. As always, you systematically provide US one thing stunning to appear at & get pleasure from. Thank you. i really like these cats. Ohio my goodness African Gold is unquestionably a stunning a stunning I can’t recover from his majestic tail it’s sort of a large downlike white plume.

Another spectacularly stunning boy. he’s fully attractive. simply the approach the fur flows, everything concerning these cats is thus noble and majestic. you’ve got marvelous and delightful animals. thanks for forever sharing with US. He’s a really stunning cat and I’m positive a delicate spirit. I once had an attractive white cat terribly the same as him. however wasn’t a main co on. I miss him ALOT. YOUR CATS area unit ALL thus stunning.

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