January 29, 2023

Meet pearl, named after the pearls river in mississippi. She is through a ways the most terrified of all of the kittens.

Meet pearl, named after the pearl river in mississippi. She is by way of far the most scared of all the kittens. She will hiss and spit if i make even a single motion, however as quickly as i provide some kmr, she’s puddy in my fingers! I have a great feeling food is the important thing to her heart. @windycityfosters said. Columbia and pearl watch my every flow…

happy caturday! We’ve were given strong this morning! No call back at the outcomes of the fecal exam, so i’m assuming that means that i’m going to preserve with panacur and not anything else. However it seems it’s operating so that’s good enough! What’s cuter:

pearl’s floofy stomach or her fuzzy white mittens? Woohoo! Pearl and rio need to announce that the river kittens are nine weeks vintage these days and doing extraordinary!

The coccidia slowed down their boom in order that they aren’t the ordinary 2 kilos that a nine week old kitten need to be, but that’s good enough! Now that the parasite problem has been constant, we can work on fattening them up.

My preferred hobby is fishing. But instead of fish, there’s kittens…and in preference to a hook, it’s a feather toy.

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