January 29, 2023

Rescue homeless canine disable and begging for meals in the road side

ARCHIE!!! This snow-white sunny boy came to Moscow from Nalchik as a baby, at the beginning of autumn.

Precisely because no one responded to help, the first days of salvation, important for the preservation of the life of the spinal cord, were lost. Together we went through many examinations, many specialists, overcame doubts and coped with the urinary problem.

The spine has grown together. According to the results of examinations of many qualified specialists, we did not risk his life by doing a dubious operation, since the growing spine (and the baby has 1 and 13 vertebra fractures) is a big risk.

Rehabilitation is more important. For a long time we could not find a place for the baby, where there would be a decent place and stability.

At that time, at some overexposures there were no places for spinal cords, others turned out to be unreliable and even dangerous, others broke unrealistic means, and according to polls and monitoring, they turned out to be an ordinary rip-off, which carries out its duties every other time. As a result, Archusha ended up where he is now.


source : Animal Rescue

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