January 29, 2023

Rescue Tiny, Dying of Thirst, Innocent Puppies Dumped During Heatwave

My heart aches and breaks for their Momma. ❤️‍🩹💔. She’s probably mourning her babies. Bless you all and thank you for helping and saving them. 🙏🏽🐾😇⭕️❌😢

You taught those sweet boys compassion. A very valuable life lesson.You didn’t “only” save 8 lifes but you teached these nice boys so much about how to treat animals, respect and humanity. I’m sure they will never forget this lesson!! 💕👍…and maybe adopt a dog one day 😊

Lloré, lloré, lloré y lloré, gracias por ayudar a los cachorritos, que Dios bendiga la gran labor que hacen misericordioso por los peluditos, gracias, gracias; nosotros también con unos familiares ayudamos a los que podemos, hay muchos animalitos sufriendo la indiferencia y el desamor de ser humano…😥😭🥺💌💌💌

Mimi is such a good dog. She always knows how to do her part. I’m so happy they were saved, and those wonderful boys were there to help. Thank you!

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