January 29, 2023

Rescuing—and transforming—a suffering puppy desperate to live.

The way she cried in pain when he was trying to pick her up was heartbreaking.😢

Animal Aid India workers are the most wonderful people. They never give up on any animal they rescue.💖 The love they show all their animals. I’m sure it helps them to get well again. She is such a darling.Dena getting back up on her legs feels like a miracle. The result is part of your great patience and loving care, and part of Dena’s sheer will to live. Thank you, AAUI, for your dedication.

That smile, that strut, and that happy wagging tail!!! Thank you so much for what you do for dogs and other animals like Dena. The work you do and service you provide to these animals is nothing short of amazing 💛

The reason I love this rescue group is because you can tell they truly love the animals in their care. You can feel the love and see it in their actions. God bless you! You are gift from God to every animal you save! Thank you!

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