January 29, 2023

Scared to Death Dog Survived After 40 Days Without Water and Food!

There are no words to express how devastated I am for all of you and the poor animals who are paying the price of human madness and cruelty.

In this case, first they were living in a nightmare because of the breeders, than the war happened. Innocent souls thrown away like garbage and left to die.Thank you Olena & team, you are a bright light in these dark times.

This was one of the saddest videos I have ever watched. At first to see the state of the place, so totally destroyed, then to see the horrendous number of dead dogs and chicken and finally to see the state in which these dogs were living.

They had terrible living conditions while they lived and eventually killed in a insane war. Thank you for all you do and please be careful and take good care of yourselves.

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