January 29, 2023

She try to hide in the trash like Chameleons, aloned & hopeless for her future untill met that man!

Although covered in dirt, Nelly was still beautiful when she was found 😍 She’s such an angel.

Thank you for rescuing this baby girl ❤️ Gracias gracias por salvar a Nelly de la muerte 🙏 Ustedes son Personas maravillosas de gran corazón, mi respeto y admiración 💕 Bendiciones ♥
Gracias por rescatar a Nelly, es hermosa …

😇🙏💗🤗😍 Mi agradecimiento infinito desde México !!!! 🙏👏👏👏💞💕I can’t understand how anyone could abandon a loving dog like this. I be by herself with no food or water. Thank you for rescuing her and giving her the life she deserves.

Way to go Nelly , now she can be loved.and give unconditional Love . Thanks for saving the beautiful little girl . Give a big.kiss to Nelly coming all the way from Tupelo, Miss ♥️♥️♥️♥️

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