January 29, 2023

Shelly visits 2 day vintage kittens!

OCT 18, 2022: We have a new catermelon and are officially on #KittenWatch!!

Rescue kitty Fifi had a family who loved her very much. When they had to move out of the country, they gave her to a friend, who then had to move and wasn’t able to find pet-friendly housing.

This is a HUGE problem in our area. They didn’t know she was pregnant when they got her, but wanted to make sure she ended up somewhere safe when they weren’t able to keep her.
Candy’s story is all too familiar. She was feral and pregnant when she was trapped from a ravine.

She’s one of the luck ones, because she will have all the medical care, comfort and love she needs. She won’t have to go hunt for food or protect her babies from predators. She and her kittens will all be spayed and neutered.


source : TinyKittens HQ

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