January 29, 2023

Someone Dumped these Puppies in Massive Rainstorm

I’m a 49 year old tough guy, but these two puppies just made me a baby.

From them being cold and wet to a warm house, food and water. Those puppies were so thankful, and the people that took them in, you are angels.To see those two adorable little ones come running out with their tails wagging. Broke my heart. Thank you so very much for saving them. ❤️❤️❤️

Aww, poor sweet babies! Shame on the heartless people who dumped them! Thank you for saving the lives of these two precious pups, and finding good homes for them! And thank you for all that you continue to do now for homeless dogs, during the senseless invasion of your country. 💛💙

Burst into tears seeing these two tiny mites coming forward to see the people who arrived, and standing together. Dear God I think one day my heart will burst watching people rescue pups & kittens.

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