January 29, 2023

The MOST Matted DOG EVER | Came Off In ONE PIECE

I’m a groomer and let me just say, you’re out here doing gods work.

I don’t know if I personally wouldn’t have been comfortable taking on such severe matting, so I’m so grateful for my fellow groomers, such as yourself, who are. You also do it with so much care, patience and empathy for the dogs that I always hope to see from groomers but unfortunately it’s not always the case. Truly admire you.

The fact the dog stayed so still through the groom, never tried to bite you and doesn’t have any knicks or cuts on her skin says everything about how good of a groomer you are. You can literally see the relief in her eyes while the coat is coming off.

Bless her, bless you and bless the people who found her and took her in This was so beautiful to watch. It’s like you two totally understood eachother, the way she kept looking at you and you’d know when you needed to go easy and reassure her. What a brave brave girl she was the whole time. You’re amazing at what you do ❤

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