January 29, 2023

The stray puppies who escaped struggling were attacked with the aid of the disorder – fubao’s final moments

Hello everyone, we are paw shelter here. We are committed to the cause of dog rescue.

Most of the dogs we rescue are abandoned by their owners, stray, disabled, hit by cars, and dogs in dog meat cars. Because of their limited ability, we do not Please save all the poor dogs, only hope to save all the poor dogs we meet, and hope to give these poor furry children a stable home.

I am devastated! 😭😭😭Fubao has crossed the rainbow bridge! 😭😭😭I am balling my eyes out. 😭😭😭Still in shock Let’s hope he went without much suffering. May Fubao rest peacefully in heaven.

Thank you for giving him a happy life at your shelter. He was such a gentle fighter. You did everything possible, it was a very anxious hard day trying to get to the hospital. Thanks for your supreme efforts.

source : Paw Shelter

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